Dali meets Warhol…. in Warsaw

This couple already met few times in the past. One of their first encounters happened in 1965, in room 1610 of luxurious New York St. Regis Hotel.  Dali tied Warhol to a spinning wheel and started to pour paint all over his body. But this time no one will get painted.  Salvador Dali's art is meeting Andy Warhol's in Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw. The exhibition is opened till 7th of October.



During the exhibition You will see more than 120 pieces of art, made by both probably the most famous painters of XXth century. But Dali vs.Warhol - art, music, movie is not about oil on canvas.

The exhibition is a rare opportunity to see Salvador Dali's sculptures and first chance to discover complete collection of album covers, designed by Andy Warhol.  As well as to listen to music videos and watch cinematic movies, created by both artists. Cause they had significant impact on contemporary cinema as well - just to mention ground breaking An Andalusian Dog, shot by Dali and Louis Bunuel in 1929 or Warhol's experimental movies from 1970's.... 

Both Dali and Warhol became celebrities during their lifetime. Spaniard's eccentricities were his trademark and Warhol became a pop-art product himself. Both knew how to be recognized and from the beginning invested a lot of effort in something we can call "personal branding".  During the exhibition one can indeed see their trademarks: collection of Warhol's toupees and Dali's mustaches

Both artists loved money and were engaged (with success) in romance with popular, commercial art. Do You know that Salvador Dali designed well known Chupa Chups lollipop logo? Or that he took part in chocolate bar advertising campaign? More discoveries of this kind can be made during Warhol vs. Dali exhibition. 

What else can be seen here? For example reconstruction of famous Warhol's atelier called Factory and the Temple of Aromas, designed by Dali. Enthusiasts of pop-art will have an opportunity to create their own t-shirt, using screen printing technique, used frequently by Andy Warhol.  

Meeting of Warhol and Dali takes place on 4th floor of Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science everyday from 9.00 till 19.00. Tickets: 45 pln (adults), 35 pln (concessions), 25 pln (for group of at least 10 pupils).

More about the exhibition here: www.dalikontrawarhol.pl (site in Polish).

Opened till 7th of October 2017.