Not-so-fat donuts for Fat Thursday


In Poland the last Thursday before the Lent is called "the Fat Thursday". Traditionally we feed ourselves with donuts today, With 300 calories each, they are little bombs full of fat. And You should eat more then one or two of course!

In a XIXth century, classic cooking book by Lucyna Ćwierczakiewiczowa, I've found a more dietary solution. Half size donuts equals half of the calories! Although they are boiled in warm, liquid lard, now one can eat more of them! Bon apetit!  


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" Half-sized donuts, made in the simplest way, without any marmelade filling, are the most delicious dessert.

Pour a quarter of hot milk into half-pound of flavour, mix it untill it cools, then pour 2 drams of yeast, grinded in less then half-pound of milk, with 6 yolks and 1/4 pound of sugar. Make a foam from 2 egg whites, insert it into the pastry and leave until it grows. When it grows well, add another half-pound of flavor, salt it and add a littlebit of nutmeg (just to make it smell better) or two grinded, bitter almonds.

When the pastry is kneaded well, pour 1/2 pound of melted butter and mix it until is stops to catch the spoon. Leave it in a warm place to grow. When it starts to rise, knead it a littlebit, stretch it on a pastry board and cut into pieces with a wine glass. Round it with Your hands and let them grow in a warm place.

When all of the donuts are ready, have a pot full of frying grease at the ready. Drop them to the pot few at a time. When they are ruddy, pick them up with cullender spoon.

Eat imediatelly, when they are warm warm!"

(source: Lucyna Ćwierczakiewiczowa 365 dinners for 5 zlotys each, Warsaw 1897, pp. 464-5,

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