Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp was created in 1940. It served primarily as a camp for Polish political prisoners and Russian POW’s. In 1943 the camp became the place of the Holocaust – German genocidal plan to exterminate all European Jews. Gas chambers, slave labor, cruel executions, sadistic tortures, deadly medical experiments – all of these had happened here, just 60 km from Cracow.

Group tours to Auschwitz-Birkenau

Organizing a tour to Auschwitz-Birkenau is not an easy task. SPARK can help You with it!  We can book a Auschwitz-Birkenau museum guide, organize transport to Cracow and back for Your group, coordinate visit to Auschwitz with Your tour schedule etc. We did it dozens of times!

Sightseeing the camp

Although there are no entrance fees to the camp, but groups have to pay for a proffesional, museum guide. And this can be tough. Booking a guide in high season can be difficult if possible! For some dates booking even a year in advance can be impossible! (But don’t wory, in most cases 6 month advance could be enough). Museum guides speaks in multiple, European languages, which is perfect solution for example for pupils and students.

The museum is divided in two parts:

Auschwitz concentration camp

It was situated in red-brick barracs. This place served mainly as extremely harsh, political prison. Exhibition shows thousands of prisoner mugshots, stripped uniforms, pieces of art made by prisoners, documents, relations and thousands of items, taken from the Jews during selection on Birkenau ramp. In the buildings one can find “national exhibitons”, devoted to camp prisoners of particular nationalities.

Birkenau death camp

Is located 3,5 km north-west of KL Auschwitz. Birkenau was the place of the Holocaust. You will see here the rail ramp, where infamous selection of victims was taking place, ruins of main gas chambers (nowadays Holocaust victims memorial site), few woodden barracs for prisoners and fundations of buildings destroyed by fleeing nazis.

Group size and timetable

Groups visiting Auschwitz  can be up to 30 pax . So if You have for example 38 pax in Your tour, You’ll have to divide it and pay for TWO guides). Standard tour lasts 3,5 hour (or 2,5 without Birkenau). Special, educational tours can be as long as 6 hours.


There are some special restrictions for all camp visitors:

  • Big backpacks are not allowed (one can leave them in special area),
  • taking photos with flash light is forbidden in the buildings.
  • In some parts of the camp taking photos is forbidden at all.
  • Entrance to few buildings is restricted only for guided tours.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden on whole area of the camp.

If Your are interested in organizing a tour to the camp,  SPARK can help You and Your tourists. For more details contact us: 

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