Wieliczka salt mine tours

Wieliczka is an unique, historic salt mine, located just 15 km from the center of Cracow. Salt was extracted here for more than 3 thousands years, first drilled mine was created in XII/XIII century. Last car with salty output left the mine in 1996.

Nowadays Wieliczka serves as a museum, spa and, ocassionally, as the most amazing concert hall one can imagine. It attracts more than 1 million guests yearly and it’s probably the most beautiful and most precious salt mine in the world. It is listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

From 300 km of underground tunnels, aproxx. 5 km is available for visitors. The most popular route leads through 20 chambers, created by the miners and nature during salt extraction process. Chambers serve as chapels, world biggest underground church, concert and exhibiton halls and spas.

Inside them one can find unique sculptures, cut by miners and local artists in lumps of salt, historic equipement and pieces of ancient, miners art. The oldest of salt sculptures are from XVIIIth century.

Sightseeing Wieliczka along most typical route takes about 3,5 hour. Groups between 5 to 35 pax have to be guided by local guide (in multiple languages). Some of the guides are former miners. Guided tours in high season should be booked in advance (sometimes even few months earlier)! 

On more thrilling (but slightly less beautiful) “miners route” one can (for >2 hours) become a miner by oneself! As the route is more difficult and physically demanding, we advice to wear outdoor shoes and warmer clothes. Chopping lumps of salt, cutting pit props, traveling through original mineshaft: this waits for You during this trip. There is also special “pilgrimage route”.

SPARK Poland Incoming Travel Agency can help Your travel agency in organizing succesful Wieliczka tour. We can book tickets for Your tourists and organise bus transport to and from Wieliczka. It’s good to have a meal after long, underground tour, isn’t it? We can recommend Your group some tasty and proven restaurants, suitable for lunch not far from Wieliczka mine.

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