Keret House in Warsaw

Where can we find one of the narrowest buildings in the world? Of course in Warsaw! So if you are planning your holidays in Poland and you are going to visit Poland's capital, do not forget about this special place at the area, where during WWII ghetto was.

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What do we recommend during  trip to Poland? Most people, who comes to Poland visit Warsaw, but not many see nothing but the Old Town. Warsaw is worth to go out of the beaten track. During your Warsaw trip do not forget to visit previous ghetto area  near Chłodna street. We invite you to Warsaw guided tours. Hopefully our tips will be helpful for your Warsaw trip.

Keret House: probably the narrowest building in the world

Keret House stands at the intersection of Chłodna and Żelazna street in Wola. The project was initiated by city activist and artist, Jakub Szczęsny. His idea was to literally "fill the void": between two block of flats from 1960-70s and Warsaw present and past. Both buildings are standing next to the place where a wooden bridge, connecting two parts of Warsaw ghetto, was constructed during II World War.

What is the symbolic of the house? It's a matter of interpretation. Tiny apartament was qiven to well-known Israeli writer of Polish origin, Etgar Keret, to serve as his atelier. It was supposed to be temporary object, but after recent reconstrution works the decision was made to preserve it for longer.

"The narrowest house in the world" is rarely used by Keret himself, but from time to time is open to visitors. Next opportunity to pay a visit to this interesting building will be in the spring of 2017. Don't miss it during Your trip to Poland!

As a curiosity we would like to add, that our collegue  from SPARK - Kuba Wesołowski, Warsaw tourist guide and tour leader, had pleasure to guide Mr. Keret and his family during his trip to Warsaw.

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