If You want to celebrate important event in history of Your company: jubilee, successful year or signing of important contract, SPARK will help You to organize memorable and unique celebrations. A gala, ball, concert or an outdoor event?


Our responsibilities will be as follows:

  • We will find a place that conveys unique character of Your company: stylish manor house, historic ballroom or park near a palace. The choice is Yours!
  • We will complete all formalities: rent a building or hall, decorate it and bring Your guests on site. Every participant will receive stylish, personal invitation and will be informed about the date and details of the event.
  • Your guests will be accommodated in comfortable conditions. Our employees will look after the menu, served during the event, and make sure that the service is of best quality.
  • We will prepare materials about the event: albums, diplomas and pretty gifts for the guests.

If You want to invite a music star, a band, or a celebrity, we will willingly cooperate with their management to ensure, that all conditions are met for this special guest’s performance.