Incentive travels

 Incentive trips and events are becoming more and more popular among European managers and entrepreneurs. They are interesting and effective ways to increasing efficiency of employees and also a good occasion to promote Your company. Take Your team for unforgettable journey with SPARK!

SPARK organizes journeys to the most interesting spots of Poland and Europe. Trip to Wien, Budapest or Prague? Touring around a trail of Polish medieval castles? Team building events amid natural forests and lakes of Masurian Lake District? Thanks to us every event will turn into unique and memorable experience. Incentive trip with SPARK equals adventure, leisure and integration!

  • Our employees are experienced couriers and city guides, who are showing toured places in unconventional and the most interesting way.
  • We have organized tours around whole Europe, from one-day excursions to week-long journeys. Choose our services and follow the path of hundreds of satisfied customers from Poland, Germany, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Scandinavia, from southern and eastern Europe.
  • We provide full service. Our staff handles all the paperwork connected with the trip and insurance. Our employee is always with traveling group and at its disposal.