Team building

Our recipe for successful team building is active and creative leisure. Skiing or sailing with employees? Attending to a costume ball, taking place in a baroque palace? Journey to the most beautiful places in Europe? This is how integration would look in Your company!


These are some of the best ways of creating close-knit team from Your employees. But remember, poorly managed integration process will have the opposite effect. That’s why it’s better to rely on the experience of our professionals.

If You want to organize group travel team building:

  • SPARK will provide transport and accommodation for Your employees
  • All activities will be conducted by professional, certified coach
  • During outdoor activities ski & sailing instructors and mountain guides will take care of the group.

Our other specialty are city games. They are proven and cheaper alternative to more expensive travels. What are the topics of our games? There are myriads of possibilities: from Polish history, through Star Wars and Sherlock Holmes, to horror movies and vampire novels. City buildings and streets will become game board, and Your employees will turn into heroes, bravely struggling against all odds and swiftly solving difficult puzzles. City games are entertainment and integration at the same time.

If You would like to integrate Your team by city games, SPARK will provide:

  • Intriguing, original script and stylish game props
  • Guidance of experienced animators
  • Interesting awards for winning team
  • True emotions, unexpected twists and turns of the plot, as well as PURE FUN from start to finish!