Rafting & Animal Tracking

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A tour for nature lovers to Europe's natural wonders: Masurian Lake District and Białowieża Forest Natural Park.

Masuria, known as region of thousands lakes, is picturesque area in Notrh-Eastern Poland. With innumerable lakes, where one can bath, kayak or sail, with teutonic castles, picturesque towns and villages, with fascinating, multicultural past, And with thousands of storks, flying overhead in the summertime! And Białowieża is a last, European primeval forest, with big population of Żubrs - European Bisons, living freely on meadows. 

During the tour our guests will take part in 3-day rafing on Masurian lakes and rivers, will make a boat cruise on biggest Polish lake (Śniardwy), visit fascinating, historical places and try local specialties. In Białowieża forest we will invite them for animal tracking activities, taking place shortly before sunrise, under guidance of local guide, armed in binoculars. Guests will have an opportunity to meet the king of the forrest, the majestic bison, the Żubr!